This business with Governor Walker of Wisconsin reminds me of  something I read recently about a fungus that attaches to the leaves of a blueberry plant. The fungus, apparently incites pollination by mimicking flower sap to attract bees. When the bee lands the disease sticks to their underbelly eventually pollinating the ovaries to produce inedible fruit. Eventually the cycle of disease will destroy whole crops of blueberries if it isn’t nipped in the bud.

The analogy here of course is those voters who fell for the sweet nectars; Walkers rhetoric of “Open for business,” that has now stuck to the underbelly disguised as the nasty budget repair bill. A bill that is set to strip state employees of their collective bargaining rights. A bill, like the sneaky fungus, is neither dignified nor democratic. The right of employees to influence their workplace with their voice, which is what collective bargaining is all about, is often times the difference between what succeeds and what doesn’t.

If this isn’t enough to bristle your neck hairs, brace yourself for what he plans to cut out of Medicaid, which provides assistance to elderly, people with low income, disabilities, pregnant mothers and children. With an alleged 153 million dollar shortfall the most defenseless of our society are looking to be a whole lot more vulnerable.



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