With the house up in flames about health care reform, threatening to repeal the whole kit n caboodle; mainly due to Judge Hudson’s ruling, that it’s unconstitutional to force Americans to buy insurance. I don’t understand how Governor Barbour  in Mississippi, then can coerce two inmates to buy their freedom with body parts. I mean how are two formerly convicted lifers suppose to pay for this thing especially now with health care reform down the dumper. And if in fact they do meet the conditions of their release what happens if the donor is not a good match after all? Will the healthy one have to go back to jail?

But more importantly here is won’t this set new precedent for early release with other inmates. Just what kind of rights do these women have now that they are actually free? Will they be under watch to make sure they meet the condition and just how much time do they have to comply anyway? What about doctor patient confidentiality? I see a whole lot wrong with this game play. Why not just admit the whole life term for a mere $11 armed robbery, where no one was injured, was ridiculous. It would have been a whole lot easier to forgive stupidity than to twist the constitutional arm to fit this sleeve.


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