One lump or two?

Confidence for a writer comes from a healthy dose of atta-girl from friends, family, but mostly from the veritable published book. Lately the squeeze to get that book in the hands of your readers has taken a turn towards technology. Blogs like WordPress can be an invaluable tool for advertisement.We might bare out freshly polished newbie online full of expected awe, But what happens when the alleged novel fails to draw interest or at least not the level of interest you had hoped. Do you dig a hole in the back yard and bury the dang thing then simply fade into the cyber woodwork or do you take your lumps, make light of the failure, and move on with your chin up to bigger and better ideas. Some writers never learn that rejection is the best thing that ever happened to their work. I’ve even heard of some that simply kept writing the same stories locked them in a vault and refused to let anyone look at them thereafter. Crazy as that may seem we all do this to a certain extent when we let our rejections hold us down. If we want to be the best writers we must write take our lumps and learn from them.


About roundtuit

I live in a bedroom town outside of Madison Wi when I say bedroom I don't mean sleep though we are booming. I raised eight kids, one overly dramatic weiner-dog two lop eared rabbits and a few irritating goldfish along the way. I've been married to my husband Mark for over thirty one years View all posts by roundtuit

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