What I learned in kindergarten

I can’t remember who said it but I think it went something like this; “everything you ever will need to know you will learn in kindergarten,” so I got to thinking about that and this is what I’ve come up with.

First of all don’t take off your jacket unless you are absolutely sure you have put your blouse on. (Day one kindergarten class of 1961 took off jacket, but it wasn’t the take off kind of jacket. key note: undershirts don’t count as cool like some bras do today.)

Day two: Don’t trust boys even if they say they like you. Lessoned learned when K.G. put a thumb-tack on my seat and I put my knee down on it. We got married under the swingset later that week,but divorced by the third week when a new kid showed up.

Day Three: Always let the big kids go first they can hold the heavy bathroom door open. Fingers caught can be pinched off. Saw this happen to another girl trying to shove her way in front of them.

Day Four: Bring an extra pair of underwear. Those long waits between breaks are hard on tiny bladders. Old ones too.

Day Five: The money in the cup is for milk not a reward for passing out the milk.

So I guess I did learn some pretty valuable lessons. Check yourself in the mirror, love is fickle, bad things happen to people who show off, be prepared and don’t expect to be rewarded for hard work. All true fifty years later.


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I live in a bedroom town outside of Madison Wi when I say bedroom I don't mean sleep though we are booming. I raised eight kids, one overly dramatic weiner-dog two lop eared rabbits and a few irritating goldfish along the way. I've been married to my husband Mark for over thirty one years View all posts by roundtuit

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