Got Wonder Woman?

I can’t seem to let go of my work today. I just want to type until my finger tips turn blue. Oddly after checking my tweets I find I’m not alone. Seems to be a barrage of writers online today with something to say. I only hope that my something matters somehow. 

I often do this. I write pages of blustery words. I get a heady feel after, and then a total let down the next day when I re-read some of it. So whats the deal? Well I’ve decided its one of two things. 

1. I’m just full  of it and need a good cleansing. or

2. this is my muse forcing me to dig deeper. 

Yeah I like that number 2. I mean literally number 2 not the first thing. Now even I am confused.One thing I do know though is that I am def a kids writer first and foremost. 

Kids need  a hero from within. I want to help them find that hero through story writing. I want them to say she gets me. Unfortunately I didn’t really have that when I was a kid. I think this is what drives me today. Sort of an angst/empath type of dealio. It’s also what sends reams to the trash. I’m still digging that hero out from within the kid in me. Pass the shovel please.


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I live in a bedroom town outside of Madison Wi when I say bedroom I don't mean sleep though we are booming. I raised eight kids, one overly dramatic weiner-dog two lop eared rabbits and a few irritating goldfish along the way. I've been married to my husband Mark for over thirty one years View all posts by roundtuit

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