No no write more

I keep hearing (with my eyes if you will) that I need to find a singular focus for my blog. The problem is my brain is a follower. Some interesting little tidbit grabs ahold and off it trots. Maybe I am a many faceted diamond or will I just remain a chunk of blogging coal? Lets go with the diamond and wait for it…I’ll spread a rainbow over my blog. Oh great now I’m turning poetic.

I decided to give the Nanowrimo a shot this year. I even got a pretty good jump on things, with my 14,000 words, but for some reason the whole pressure of  I’ve got to write x amount of words today for Nano  has shut down my thinker. It seems I prefer to write because of my inner I-love-to-write drive rather than an outer push. I will probably keep going, but it feels a bit like homework now, rather than love.


About roundtuit

I live in a bedroom town outside of Madison Wi when I say bedroom I don't mean sleep though we are booming. I raised eight kids, one overly dramatic weiner-dog two lop eared rabbits and a few irritating goldfish along the way. I've been married to my husband Mark for over thirty one years View all posts by roundtuit

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