Hard as in not so easy?

Hard of hearing sounds onerous to me. It’s simply not good English if you will. Something can be bodily hard like a rock, a piece of wood, or even a turd. It can be “hard” to learn a new language or do math, but what the heck is hard of hearing suppose to mean?  Are you saying that someone doesn’t hear well? So just say that then. I prefer deaf myself, that’s right I simply don’t hear sounds whether it be voices or noises. I don’t hold it against you to speak the truth. Its my life I know it.


About roundtuit

I live in a bedroom town outside of Madison Wi when I say bedroom I don't mean sleep though we are booming. I raised eight kids, one overly dramatic weiner-dog two lop eared rabbits and a few irritating goldfish along the way. I've been married to my husband Mark for over thirty one years View all posts by roundtuit

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