TGD Eat Drink and Football

Golden brown Tom Turkey graces the center stage. Cranberries glisten, while stuffing and potatoes steam in Grandma’s good bowls surrounding him. The ten minute warning has been given, ten minutes ago, so where are they? Well, glued to the 52 inch plasma in your living room of course. “Kick off in two minutes,” they report back after the “Its getting cold,” warning. All across America ladies get use to it. Your magazine-perfect thanksgiving dinner will always rate after the all important first kick-off.

I wonder what Mrs. Pilgrim would have thought if everyone ran off to watch the Indians vs. the Explorers in a stiff game of throw the oval-shaped-rock just as she loaded the table with tons of corn for the alleged first Thanksgiving dinner.

However, if you do get lucky enough to plan your delicious meal to coincide with half-time, it won’t be pretty. Food will fly. Especially if your fans team is in the lead. But here it is you’ve been warned:

The unofficial 2009 Thanksgiving pigskin guide.

Packers vs. Lions on Fox @ 1:30 central time

Oakland Raiders vs. Dallas for a historical first TGD game since 1970 on CBS @ 5:15 central time

The action winds down @ 9:20 central time on the NFL network with New York Giants vs. the Denver Broncos in another been-awhile-for-a-TGD game.  These two haven’t come together for the holiday games since 1963.

Hint to the wise, if you can squeeze that formal dinner in early between the Packer/Lions game and the Raiders/Dallas fiasco, you will have plenty of arm-chair food for the late game. And trust me while you’re still feeling bloated from the huge meal, for some odd reason football fans simply don’t get full. There isn’t a beast as ugly as the hungry fan either.

 Don’t and I repeat don’t expect help with the dishes, help with the kids, or help period from your football fans. They are not available with any sense of the word “help.” whatsoever. With the exception of a truly bloody emergency, they will simple tune out anything not blasting from the 52 inch football master.

All eyes front and center. All sounds loud and clear, even those sounds you might have to cover the little ears from. Apologies to follow guys. So go ahead, set that gorgeous table, roast that mouth watering bird, and bake those rich pies, but remove all breakables from the living room first. It’s time for some Thanksgiving football.


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