This business with Governor Walker of Wisconsin reminds me of  something I read recently about a fungus that attaches to the leaves of a blueberry plant. The fungus, apparently incites pollination by mimicking flower sap to attract bees. When the bee lands the disease sticks to their underbelly eventually pollinating the ovaries to produce inedible fruit. Eventually the cycle of disease will destroy whole crops of blueberries if it isn’t nipped in the bud.

The analogy here of course is those voters who fell for the sweet nectars; Walkers rhetoric of “Open for business,” that has now stuck to the underbelly disguised as the nasty budget repair bill. A bill that is set to strip state employees of their collective bargaining rights. A bill, like the sneaky fungus, is neither dignified nor democratic. The right of employees to influence their workplace with their voice, which is what collective bargaining is all about, is often times the difference between what succeeds and what doesn’t.

If this isn’t enough to bristle your neck hairs, brace yourself for what he plans to cut out of Medicaid, which provides assistance to elderly, people with low income, disabilities, pregnant mothers and children. With an alleged 153 million dollar shortfall the most defenseless of our society are looking to be a whole lot more vulnerable.




I hate the new network name. It suits Oprah of course, as narcissistic as she is. I know a lot of people believe she is quite charitable but if you took a look at the books you would see that most of the giving was for getting. Merely a way to keep her face in the spotlights and nothing more.

The real reason I hate it though is that we live in a world that suffers from too much entitlement these days. Think about it, America’s  up and coming generation of leadership will be todays five year olds, whom are demanding expensive toys and Disney trips. I’m not talking about a short red faced tantrum either,  I mean kids that will actually tell you to get a second job to bring them their due. How in the world will that work in a capitalistic nation some thirty years from now? Probably be a lot like recent Heats basketball games, a lot of ego but not much economy.



With the house up in flames about health care reform, threatening to repeal the whole kit n caboodle; mainly due to Judge Hudson’s ruling, that it’s unconstitutional to force Americans to buy insurance. I don’t understand how Governor Barbour  in Mississippi, then can coerce two inmates to buy their freedom with body parts. I mean how are two formerly convicted lifers suppose to pay for this thing especially now with health care reform down the dumper. And if in fact they do meet the conditions of their release what happens if the donor is not a good match after all? Will the healthy one have to go back to jail?

But more importantly here is won’t this set new precedent for early release with other inmates. Just what kind of rights do these women have now that they are actually free? Will they be under watch to make sure they meet the condition and just how much time do they have to comply anyway? What about doctor patient confidentiality? I see a whole lot wrong with this game play. Why not just admit the whole life term for a mere $11 armed robbery, where no one was injured, was ridiculous. It would have been a whole lot easier to forgive stupidity than to twist the constitutional arm to fit this sleeve.

come on sisters don’t just stand there scream!!!

Our sisters in Haiti are suffering a horrifying injustice on top of  the massive earthquake that left thousands homeless with many  families torn apart by death as well as a loss of possessions. In aftermath came the cruelest form of humiliation and pain; women and children are being raped daily many times at the the threat of death.

These women have no one to stand up and fight for them. Their own government and police have even turned a blind eye. I for one am sick to death of hearing of such demeaning human behavior, especially during such weak and vulnerable times.

What savages have we allowed to roam freely among these helpless souls. Abusing their authority in such cowardly ways to take what isn’t theirs. I’m fed up with hearing of it and today as a woman, a mother and a human being I scream enough! no more! we shall not tolerate it ever again!


Keep it Simple

I hate clutter both in my home and in my writing. I think it might be the whole dust issue you know. Having to pick up a hundred little knick knacks to dust a flat surface… really. But I’ve learned that simple is a useful concept for writing these days too. You can’t beat a good flash fiction piece and by good I mean pithy.

In fact most of my best stuff comes after I tighten up.However, I can’t cut back much if I haven’t written much to begin with so I’ve take up a new idea this year. I coined it “middle minding,” always starting where I left off in the middle of my present thoughts and let it run its course.

The outcome is surprising in that I often use some of that stuff in cut and paste format. I guess my creativity really isn’t linear after all therefore my most valuable thoughts would get left off if I didn’t waste a little white space when I do my first draft.

let it be


I had this really amazing epiphany yesterday about the be, do , have paradigm and well to make a long story simple it all boiled down to the good old Beatles song. Let it Be. I finally relized so much of my struggle is self imposed. The “let,” part implys something is already there. I am either pushing it away or blocking the it from being! I know this is true. I think maybe the reason is I am not sure what the IT part is, so yeah there is a trust issue…Fear is such a stifler in life.

Writing is a perfect example of let fear rue the day. OC revision, you know the kind you nit-pick each page to death for months on end then berate yourself when someone else came up with a similar idea. You know there may really be such a thing as polishing the shine right of the page. I must practice the fine art of “Let It Be!”

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